Paragliding Oludeniz Price 2023

Oludeniz Babadag Paragliding

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    Oludeniz Babadag Paragliding Center is one of the best known paragliding spots not only in Turkey but also in the world. There are many valid reasons for this situation. The excellent Babadag, the first of which reaches up to 1900 meters, has many runways suitable for different wind directions with its runways at many heights. This situation makes Babadag Oludeniz Paragliding Center a suitable place for paragliding almost every day, except in very bad weather conditions. Babadağ Oludeniz Paragliding Center, which is the immediate neighbor of Fethiye and Olude

    niz, provides a magnificent aerial view. Babadağ Ölüdeniz Paragliding center is in Fethiye, the tourism center of our country.

    Fethiye Oludeniz Paragliding Price

    Paragliding prices in Fethiye Oludeniz from Babadag mountain was around 120 usd dollars in 2022. It seems that the price of Fethiye paragliding flights will not change in 2023.

    • Paragliding Oludeniz price in 2023: 120 usd
    • Paragliding Photo and Video price in 2023: 25usd

    Paragliding Oludeniz Price 2023

    Muğla is very rich in terms of both transportation and tourism facilities. From a quiet holiday option accompanied by the sea, sand and sun, it has active holiday opportunities such as nature activities, diving, skydiving and paragliding. It also has the most prestigious marinas of our country in terms of yacht tourism. Even those who do not come to the region for the purpose of paragliding experience the first paragliding experience of their lives when they learn about the possibilities here. Muğla creates a great potential in paragliding as in every tourism activity.

    Paragliding prices photo and video

    Oludeniz Paragliding height is 6500 feet

    Babadag Oludeniz includes almost every positive feature for Paragliding. The climate is great, transportation and accommodation facilities, having a runway suitable for every wind, the availability of thermal air movements that directly affect the flight height and duration, which are important for paragliding, attract paragliding enthusiasts here. Oludeniz Paragliding center is very attractive for Europeans, in addition to all these features, in terms of transportation distance. For example, Dubai, which is another important flight center, is both much closer and richer in terms of facilities compared to the paragliding field, and this is an important reason for preference. Especially Russian paragliding enthusiasts visit our country in groups for Babadağ Ölüdeniz Paragliding.

    Fethiye paragliding flight time

    Flights can take between 25 minutes and 60 minutes depending on the altitude of the runway and the weather conditions. Access to the tracks is provided by private off-road vehicles until recently. However, ropeway transportation has been provided with a serious investment for reaching the Babadağ Oludeniz Paragliding sites, which reach approximately 200,000 flights per year. With this cable car, it serves paragliding enthusiasts as well as those engaged in activities such as scenery and hiking. In addition, a large restaurant, which has just been put into service, offers tourists the opportunity to relax with a wonderful view.

    What you need to do for Babadag Oludeniz Paragliding flights starts with making a reservation with one of the companies that organize these flights. You can find connections for these flights in Fethiye, which is only 27 kilometers away, and in almost every hotel facility. Paragliding is an activity that almost everyone can easily do. Babadag Oludeniz Paragliding is an activity called tandem and performed with only one passenger accompanied by a T2 licensed pilot. All flights and controls are made by your pilot. A training lasting approximately 5 minutes is given to those who will participate in the flight, and how they should behave during the flight.

    Tandem paragliding and helmet and similar safety equipment required for the flight belong to the company that organizes the flight. Compulsory flight insurance is also included in the price you pay. It is included in the price for transfers to and from the airfield and from the landing to the assembly area. During the flight, the scenery is magnificent. During your paragliding flight at high altitude, Oludeniz is right under your feet. Also, Fethiye, Patara beach and Dalaman are in your panoramic view. In order to make both this magnificent view and this exciting experience permanent, you can have your video taken with 360-degree cameras for an additional fee, if you wish.

    Solo Paragliding at Babadag

    In order to do paragliding on your own, you must first successfully complete a course and get your license. The region also has ample opportunities in terms of paragliding training. THK and internationally approved flight schools are at your service 12 months of the year.
    You can book Babadağ Oludeniz Paragliding right away to do this exciting and magnificent activity in one of the most beautiful places in our country.

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